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Faster, mom, faster!

Dire times call for dire measures.  If buyers only knew what they’re agents go through, they might be a little more appreciative.  

Two or three days during the week, I work from home with my kids to save on daycare. Typically, on a perfect day, my husband takes the only car we have to law school, and I text him when I have an impromptu appointment. On that same perfect day, he comes home to watch the kids for an hour while I do the real estate hustle. Yesterday was not that perfect day.

At 11:57pm, my team manager calls to ask me to meet a client, with listing printouts in 30-45 minutes. While seraching these listings, I text my husband. No answer. Text #2: no answer. #3: nothing. I call him five times in a row. Nothing. So what now? Give up and cower? Not me!

I did what anyone else would do. With time ticking away, I kindly told my four year old daughter that we were going for a bike ride, so she’ll need to get her shoes on, and grab a snack. While my listings printed, I gathered my one year old, and fastened him into the Chariot. Then my daughter crawled in and made sure I buckled her tight. Fotunately for me, they think bike rides are the best thing in the world. 12:23pm.

I packed my files, listings, and jacket into the back compartment, and off we went! Yes, I pedalled as fast as I could with my hells on, while my four year old cheered on the speed, “Faster, mom, faster!”  It took fifteen minutes for me to get to the office from my house. I dropped the bike and gave my little girl the “mommy has to sell a house, so watch your brother” speech. I left her with some Goldfish, and went in to meet my client, first stopping by a mirror to make sure my hair was perfect.

Fortunately, my manager was heading the meeting, and I didn’t have to be there long. I came in, turned over my listings, and flashed my smile (really, the only thing going for me at that point), and introduced myself. I prayed that I wasn’t visibly sweating.  It was over in under ten minutes.

When I got back to my babies, quietly munching their Goldfish, I couldn’t be more thankful for such amazing children. As for my husband, he’s lucky I didn’t buy a ticket back to Hawaii without him.

If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is. So next time you decide to use an agent, ask them how far they’re really willing to go for you.