About Me

I am a buyer’s agent in Spokane, WA. I belong to the Keller Williams Realty Spokane family. I have been married for five years to my exceptional husband, and we have two brilliant, adorable children. My hobbies make me seem quite nerdy. I enjoy reading. It used to be that I enjoyed fiction, mostly fiction about vampires, but I’ve come to enjoy non-fiction on sociology and human behavior. I know, nerdy. I have a fascination (almost obsession) with food.  I don’t like to sit around and chomp on bags of Dorritos–that’s not what I mean by fascination. I am interested in nutrition, and the role it plays in our health. I am interested in the food industry, and the ways that our food is processed and sabotaged. The entire food concept just fascinates me. I would like to be a wine connoisseur some day, traveling to taste wine, and possibly write about it. Have I created an eccentric image of myself in your mind? Let me throw you a curve ball and mention that I grew up in Hawaii, and I am truly native Hawaiian, Puerto Rican, and a nice, hefty mix of white. Intrigued, yet?

I chose to be in Real Estate because I hated working for banks. I didn’t feel good about what I had to do to customers, and I wasn’t treated well as an employee. I wanted a career where I was truly practicing customer service, and where I had the opportunity to express my personality. It’s very discouraging when people assume that I’m nothing but a salesman trying to trick them out of their money, because that simply isn’t true. I love what I do. I love the social aspect. I love having the freedom to offer clients the experience they want, and not just what’s available. I love working with my clients to find a home that truly fits them.

Why blog? Well, I’ve found that we live in a land of half-truths and deception. We are constantly trying to call a bluff. I often find myself trying to figure out if what someone is telling me is true or not, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. I want you to know what I’m really thinking. I want to put an end to this idea that real estate agents are these horrible money-hungry mongrels who are just robbing people blind. I want to change the way we view real estate, because when you buy a house, you’re not just buying a home, you’re buying a community too.

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