The Double Standard

When you sign up to be an agent, and you show up to your brokerage, license in hand, one of the first things they say to you is, “Stand out.” Naturally, the first thing you think to yourself after hearing that is, “I will stand out.” And very soon after that, you realize how truly monotonous everything, and everyone is.  Yes, we all have our own personalities. Yes, we all drive different cars. Yes, we all have our own approach. So why do consumers perceive us as the same person? Why do we have a sort of stigma?

Things need to change. This industry needs something to jolt it back to life. I’m not saying that it needs drama, or scandal. I’m saying it needs to stand out as the great profession it truly is. Agents are not (always) the idiots that the media portrays us as (although Modern Family’s Phil is funny as all get-out). We are intelligent professionals! And most of us do this because we love it, and we love working with people.

There are many double standards in our society today, and there is almost never a benefit to having to abide by them. But how does one break a double standard?

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